Sep 6, 2020Liked by Paul Gadi

Wish I had the time before to apply for KERNEL, it seemed like an amazing opportunity, sigh... Parents always super slaving me out at worst times possible, need to detach myself from their influence once again it seems xD

I like the idea of decentralized virtual estate. I'm constantly thinking of how nicely/efficiently expand Ancient Beast at some point to have some kind of adventure world. I've played some facebook game quite a bit a few years ago, where you would attack a player by unleashing (some of) your armies as you pleased (which would auto move/attack) onto his town that he built paying for all sorts of pieces and placing them using a nice editor, stuff like walls, moat and defensive towers to protect his structures / dwellings from being looted. So I just might be aiming for something along the lines, as it was modular, scalable, inventive, doable and pretty fun. And what I like about it the most, is that it doesn't require both players to be online and actively playing at the same time. Technically this could be a JSON map (initially made with Tiled) and security wise, game could check that total worth of buildings won't surpass a certain amount of "game gold" that the player owns and that the version of the map and assets are compatible.

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